Glossier Review: My First Order

I placed my first Glossier order a few days after my birthday (at the end of the December). I know it’s been a few months since then, but this blog is relatively new. However, it has given me a lot of time to try the products really thoroughly and gather up some thought about them. I only ordered two products to start out with. I picked up the two that I felt were the most hyped products from the brand. Here are my thoughts on Glossier.


BALM DOTCOM ($12): When I first saw the price I was like nope no. I could not justify paying $12 just for LIP BALM. However, I’d seen so many reviews and it had been so hyped up that I decided I had to pick it up when I got some birthday money. I hate that I love this as much as I do, but I LOVE THIS. My lips are dry and cracked and disgusting in the winter, and almost nothing helps them, but this did!! I only use it at night, but I wake up every morning with the softest lips I’ve ever had. They also sell these in different flavors, and I’m tempted to pick some up soon. For now, I think this rocks. I know this isn’t the product from glossier that everyone would recommend, but I would!

BOY BROW IN BROWN ($16): I had seen so many amazing things about this brow gel, and I just needed to get my hands on it. I love finding good products for easy, everyday brows, and I felt like this would be good for that. I really like this. It looks really nice on its own, and it works really well after you’ve done your brows with a pencil. I don’t have terribly thin brows, but I do think they need a little help, and this is perfect! I don’t know if I’d immediately run out and repurchase this because there are so many great options at the drugstore, but I would definitely use it again somewhere down the line!


THE PACKAGING: I was pretty excited when I heard about their packaging on social media! Each order comes with a cute bubble wrap makeup bags, stickers, and a poster! I think this is the cutest attention to detail. It makes the order a little more exciting knowing you’re getting extra goodies! I use the pink pouch to hold my makeup brushes, and I put the stickers on my products (as seen above). I have to say, reading about the packaging did help my decision to purchase from Glossier!

THE SHIPPING: Their shipping is pretty reasonably priced, and it’s free if you spend over $30. It was super fast too, which is the best. It was sent out the same day, and it arrived in like 3-4 business days. One of the keys to a good online company is great shipping, and Glossier has that covered!

REFERRAL LINKS: One of my favorite details from Glossier is their referral links. All of their customers have one, and they can send it to their friends so they can get 20% off their first purchase! Being able to get 20% off completely sealed the deal. It’s a great incentive to try out the brand! If you want 20% off your first purchase you can use my link by clicking HERE.

Overall, I would definitely repurchase from Glossier, and I’m already eyeing the products I want to grab this next time around. Let me know if you’ve tried Glossier, and what you think their must-have items are!

xo, Chloe


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