Madly Recommending

Madly Recommending: YouTube Beauty Gurus

I first stumbled upon the beauty community when I was 13 and I didn’t even wear makeup. Now I’ve been watching for years and I’ve found some YouTubers I just really love. Today I included my five absolute favorite, never miss a video beauty gurus. I hope you enjoy. XO, Chloe

Allana Davison || YouTube

For: People who love skin focused, classic makeup

Watch: Current Foundation Routine || Makeup I’m Loving || Healthy Morning Routine

Jamie Paige || YouTube

For: People who love new and interesting video ideas

Watch: Subscribers Choose My Makeup || Top 10 Lipsticks || Full Face Using One Pallette 

Mariah Leonard || YouTube

For: People who like educational makeup videos and colorful looks

Watch: Long Lasting Makeup Routine || Random Color Makeup Tutorial || Nude Lip Products For All Skin Tones

KathleenLights || YouTube

For: People who like a mix of high end and drugstore makeup

Watch: Underrated Makeup Products || Full Face First Impressions || 2 Looks Using 1 Pallette 

ThaTaylaa || YouTube

For: People with pale skin or acne

Watch: 15 Days of Foundation || Confidence With Acne And No Foundation ||Pale Skin Contour


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